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"   Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.   "
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Anonymous: When you had your twists in did you do them yourself or did you go somewhere to get them done?

Ma mama did them

Anonymous: I read your FAQ and you said you lost 20 pounds? How much did you weigh before or if thats too personal what made you want to loose weight? Your soo tiny! Xoxo

About 165 ish

thealphaclass: needa get a body like urs but im so lazy, and workouts for beginners?

blogilates, 30 day shred, brazil butt lift. They can all be found on youtube/online

Anonymous: You want to swap bodies for a few days? I'm a fat little Italian dude who is an assistant sports agent in Miami. Try it out. You might like that shit.

Ok but I’d probably do a shitty job at your job

Anonymous: Did you ever regret shaving your hair off? I am thinking of doing the same because I am so sick and tired of taking care of my big hair and I don't even understand how woman always put so much value into hair. I just feel so weighed down by it!

Well it depends on why you want to shave your head in the first place. My hair was pretty damaged + I wanted a new look so it wasn’t too hard of a decision for me! x

brittanypr: Everything about that pic with you and your sister is beautiful 💞 Don't get me started on all that hair. 😍🙌🙌

haha thanks dear!

clubbabylon: both so gorgeous

thank you babely

Anonymous: No the bra from the pic with the AA high waisted panties

It’s a J-Lo bra from like 7 years ago I don’t understand how it still fits me

Anonymous: Where is the top from?

Both our outfits except my sister’s shorts are from American Apparel

"thank you"

yungcunt: You and your sis are so cute! Love the hair!!

Thank you babely love

Anonymous: where is your bra in that pic from??

not wearing one LOLOL